terça-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2008

Annoying Feeling

Chris fell into the couch unable to move, his eyes too heavy and his mind to tired to keep him awake.
He had spent three full days at the underworld after some "holy" clue for what turned Wyatt evil, all he pulled off was a bunch of demons lairs destroyed and an angry beast who had almos got him killed. Several times, for the matter of fact.
And yet...No clue at all.
He tried to get to his feet, but his arms didn't respond to his will. Feeling exhausted and sick, covered in dust and blood, he let himself rest for a bit.
A spot in the room was lighted up by Leo's orbid and the withlighter form appeared some minutes after, looking at Chris.
"Its the middle of the day, Chris" Leo's voice was harsh and dry "I thought you were trying to get my son saved...But all I can see is a sloppy withlighter sleeping in the middle of the day!"
Chris got up feeling a mix of guilt and anger...He was tired, but Wyatt was until in danger.
"I'm just gonna go shower and I'll meet you at the mannor, ok?" his voice barely audible.
Leo looked at him for the first time then, his eyes were lifeless from the days without sleeping, he was dead pale and Leo saw open wounds in his face, arms and chest. With a scary wave of regret he reach for him.
"Hey, are you ok?"
He hesited for a minute.
"I'm fine"
"What happend to you? Did you go after a demon?"
"I said I'm fine...I was just looking for some information at the underworld"
"For how long were you there?" Leo's eyes running across the young withelighter's wounds.
Chris felt dizzy and weak at this point, and fearing he would pass out he tried to finish the conversation.
"Look, can we talk at the mannor...I really want to take a bath"
"Fine" Leo said as he orbed out of there.
Chris held to the wall and slowly walk to the bathroom.
Funny as his father seemed to concern about his condition...Even funnier was that the only reason he did was Wyatt.
With a bitter mood he shook himself woke and opened the shower.

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